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So, as pretty much everyone knows already we had our little baby boy back on June 12th. Little Sebastian was born at 4:30 pm and clocked in at 7lbs 13ozs.

You might be wondering what happened to the blog. Where are the stories? Where are the pictures?

I promise it is all coming. Just as soon as I take care of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Contractions happening on a regular basis for a bit over a week.

Already had one “practice run” to the hospital.

Still not ready to come out yet.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Along our pathway to parenthood we have found ourselves facing a wide range of decisions that we kind of knew were coming, but didn’t expect to have such a hard time making.

On one hand there are the easy (depending on how you look at it) decisions such as naming your child (while racking your brain with all of the possible ways that other kids will take your favorite name and make it something horrible),  your doctor, who you want to be in the delivery room and so on.

Then, there are the more difficult questions such as whether or not to circumcise, what to do in the case of emergency, do you really want your mother-in-law in the room, or is it possible that your child will end up becoming the next Liberace soley because you bought him a piece of clothing that is not blue.

Do not want

One “question” that came up which was very easy for us to make was whether or not to use medication (in the form of an Epidural) during labor.

And frankly…I don’t quite get why this is even a question.

But, for whatever reason, there is a movement afoot within the world of expecting Moms where the “way to go” is to go drug free.  Endure the pain, live it, feel it and whatever hippie bullsh#@t…freakin hippies.

Blahhh...shut up!

And here is the thing…I understand that it might be someone’s personal preference to experience labor/delivery without the use of medication but the problem that this “movement” has created is making mother’s who DO want medical assistance to deal with the pain feel like assholes for even thinking about it.

And that is where I have a problem.

Mankind has come a long way in the world of medicine and I for one think that this is something we should be really grateful for.  I am sure that there were probably many instances where the pain of labor put a mother or babies life in danger and to address that, science came up with an answer…in the form of a long ass needle.

Epidurals are so bad they destroy your partner's face!

But it has gotten to the point where random people feel that it is within their right to ask and then judge your for it.

Here is how a conversation might unfold.

Nosey person: You are expecting?

Mother to be (annoyed): Yes

Nosey person: When?

Mother to be (hungry): I am X months pregnant.

Nosey person: Ahhh….do you know if it’s a boy or girl?

Mother to be (sleepy): Boy/Girl/Don’t Know

Nosey person: Are you planning to give birth naturally?

Mother to be (scratching): No, I plan to use an epidural.

Nosey person (very condescendingly): Ohhhhh! (followed by sucking in air through pursed lips).

Mother to be (eating): Do you have kids?

Nosey person: No

See what I mean? Even people who don’t have kids swear up and down that, if they WERE having a kid, they would do it naturally.  Right, I would wager that 9/10 women who say that are begging to be stuck with that needle 2 hours in and then end up feeling like a “failure” for doing it.

It’s for that reason that I say screw all that hippie earth crunchy goodness BS and just do whatever feels right for you.  If some friend or family member is going to judge you for wanting the pain meds then screw them and don’t invite them to your shower (but gladly accept their gift) then, when it’s their time to face this question, politely remind them what an asshole they were to you.

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Posted on: May 5, 2010

I have to admit, it’s a pretty amazing feeling the first time, as a soon to be dad, that you lay your hand on your wife’s belly and feel your baby kick.

The first time you really feel it (you can tell that time it’s not just gas) is the moment that it really hits you…you are going to be a father.  Pretty cool I must say.

That was weeks ago.  At that point my wife was feeling them all the time but it was few and far between for me.

Now it’s pretty insane.  I can actually see her belly move violently when he kicks.  A lot of the time I can tell it is happening because I hear my wife say “Whoah!” and grab her belly.

Stock Photo CHOP!

This is one of the many reasons why I am glad that I am not the one carrying this baby.  I couldn’t imagine how weird that must feel knowing there is a little person in there kicking away at you.

My wife finds it very comforting.  I think it would freak me out feeling this thing squirming around tickling my insides.

All in all I am very encouraged by the number and strength of his kicks.

Hopefully we have a future Liverpool striker on our hands.

Watch your back punk

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